Skill Development

62% of India population is in the working age group (15-59 years), and more than 50% of the total population is below 25 years of age.It is further estimated that the average age of the population in India by 2020 will be 29 years as against 40 years in USA, 46 years in Europe and 47 years in Japan. In fact, during the next 20 years the labour force in the industrialized world is expected to decline by 4%, while in India it will increase by 32%. This poses a formidable challenge and a huge opportunity.

To reap this demographic dividend which is expected to last for next 25 years, India needs to equip its workforce with employable skills and knowledge so that they can contribute substantively to the economic growth of the country. However the need for sustained employment growth is evident when one looks in detail at both demand and gap data.

Employers want “ready made” employees and Low Interpersonal skills cannot be compensated for even by the best grades.Having relevant work experience improves graduates’ chances of getting a job and progressing in employment

There is no real “war for talent”, there is “war for skills”

AICCSD not only offers advisory &consultancy services, but also provides customized training and development programs to institutions.  AICCSD has come up with a 360 degree framework to Create, Innovate & Cultivate Skill development& Leadership development activities in every institution through continuous innovation in education. This equips the students to become skilled industry-ready professionals ready to take on corporate responsibilities from day one. The framework brings in

  • Academic interventions focusing on Interpersonal skills, innovative methods of learning & placement execution
  • On-going monitoring and continuous improvement of the various quality initiatives program.
  • Promote students exchange and high quality apprenticeships to gain relevant work experience