Government Projects

AICCSD has taken the initiative to spread awareness on various state & central government skill development initiatives and career development opportunities among the rural and unemployed youth.

India presently faces a dual challenge of paucity of highly trained workforce, as well as non-employability of large sections of the conventionally educated youth, who possess little or no job skills.

Ministry for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has been set up in November 2014 to give fresh impetus to the Skill India agenda offering variety of programs. Apart from meeting its own demand, India has the potential to provide skilled workforce to fill the expected shortfall in the ageing developed world.

India today is at the threshold of “demographic transition”, with more than 50% of the total population below 25 years of age. It is here that the Government’s skill development initiatives come to the fore. With deep commitment to the development of skilled resources in the country, AICCSD has taken the initiative to support and help implement their Skill development initiatives.