Entrepreneurship Development

While skill development initiatives are focused on creating platform for all-round development of employability skills, Job creation for skilled youth continues to be major challenge before the nation.

Entrepreneurship based on innovation is the need of the hour in this highly digitized and competitive global environment. However, the number of local entrepreneurs emerging every year in India is very low.Accelerating entrepreneurship and self-employment is crucial for large-scale employment generation in India.          

AICCSD is committed to cultivate and build Entrepreneurship culture in India though its several initiatives.

  • Entrepreneur Consortium (of entrepreneurs below 30 years of age) to promote entrepreneurship by organizing various events around entrepreneurship and development work by youth. 
  • Create Entrepreneurship awareness drives on positive aspects of Entrepreneurship as a viable career option
  • Facilitate setting up of Entrepreneurship Development Cell with-in the institutes thereby creating joint Research & Development programs

Institute Awards for young entrepreneurs to recognize their achievements.